We are attempting to stock Lines for most Travis sailing applications. Below is a partial list of lines we currently have available .

We buy new stuff more often than we update this page and if you can wait a couple days ?????

We might be convinced order a spool of something when you convince us, "Everybody will want this stuff."


Stop in to see us before you drive to town or order from some unknown out of town vendor.





Fred's advisor


Sampson XLS

1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2

white with small colored markers

in 1/4, 3/8 and 5/16 we have both red and green flecks

In 3/8 and 7/16 we stock solid red and solid green.

everything where you want durable standard performance sailboat line

our 3/8 and 7/16 is also solid red or green

 for color coded jib sheets

Sampson nylon solid braid

1/4, 5/16


cover ties, bumper hangers


Sampson 3 strand nylon

3/8, 1/2,3/4


We make nifty custom very safe launching lines with thimbles and splices, and chains and shackles where they could get sliced so you won't kill somebody when you launch with an old worn out genoa sheet.


Sampson Amsteel

3/32, 1/8, 3/16

grey or red

super strong slippery abrasion resistant control lines


Yale Vectrus



super strong, no stretch, no abrasion resistance, lousy in the sun, needs special care like removal when not sailing,  and sewn on covers at all turning  blocks and cleats



5/16, 3/8

Two colors of fleck

Fred's J-24 and Electra mainsheets



Robline Dinghy Sheet


black silver

We bought this roll to make job sheets for the AYC 420 fleet


Samson Warpspeed


blue /silver

rated 7000lbs!!! No stretch halyards

Fred learned how to do the special slice and WOW this stuff runs freely over pulleys. I would use it everywhere if it weren't so pricey

Marlow Pre stretch

4mm, 1/4

blue 4mm

white 1/4

Dinghy control lines

J-22, Southcoast, Ensign spin halyards

only 40 feet left

Marlow racing

4mm , 5mm

blue, yellow

Spectra for dinghy control lines


New England T-100


white red fleck

Main halyard for 20-25 foot boats


New England T-900


white blue fleck

J-22 and J-24 minimum size no stretch halyards

the roll is gone ...20 chunk

New England BZZZ

5/16 or 7mm

Black and white

DURABLE free flowing Laser, Sunfish mainsheet. Fred uses this.

Just plain pretty for lottsa uses


New England Sta Set


white red fleck

everything where you want durable standard performance sailboat line


New England Sta Set X


white/ red fleck

any 30' plus cruising keelboat halyard. This line is about 100 feet and has a new shackle spliced on it


Shock cord

3/16 , 1/4

red, blue

Hand end to hyperactive nincompoops and tell them it is important to constantly adjust


West Marine wire rope halyard

3/16 wire 7/16 rope

white red

38'3" wire  32'3" rope







Galvanized G-43 Chain

1/4, 5/16


1/4 = 2600 lbs

5/16 = 3900 lbs


Galvanized G-30 chain


he he he

1300 lbs







Stainess 7/19 wire

1/16, 1/8. 3/16
























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