Old Sailing Photos From Fred's Personal Archive

Gotta love this one. I'm in first place and it is the World Laser master's Championship in 2009 at Halifax NovaScotia

a fellow named Capizzano took this shot and Mark Jacobi bought it and sent it to me.



Fred Port Starts the Easter Fleet in 2015

Photos By Bill Records

2,4,10,and 12 seconds after the start







     These are not necessarily favorites.  The photos below are just some old fun stuff that caught my eye when sorting through some old photos. Maybe the spirit of, simply having fun with sailing toys will come through.  That is my intention...and of course pointing out that I have been sailing since before the parents of most of the visitors to this site met. Have fun!

Let's start out on a fun note.  The guy with the colored sail is me. That is an old 3.2 ounce colored sail. The good friend BEHIND me with the brand new 3.8 ounce sail on that windy day was current International Laser Class Association President Ian Lineberger

This one from the 2000 Laser masters worlds in Cancun is in response to the Olympic Athlete shots taken in 2012.

This is the cover of my high school math notebook. I had the same teacher for geometry, algebra II, trig, physics and calculus and simply kept using the same notebook over and over adding sheets as necessary. Maybe sometime I will copy a pew pages of proofs and comments written in teh margins by a wierd kid who would undoubtedly be pumped full of Ritalin today..  Somehow his patience survived and so did I. Actually, I only missed perfect scores on the SAT and Math Achievement test. My world champion keel designs are all based upon simple graphed ellipses from high school solid geometry.  so Mr Dave Etheridge did a pretty decent job...

Christmas 1955 with Brother Pete. Our last one in Kenmore and Pete the Cub Scout got a new canteen.




After a long day onut on the Optimist Pram, this could well be Fred's first case of Opti Butt

Mr Know It All's Pintail Ride

On this day in 1967 I took Craig Hatch for a ride on a Pintail. We somehow carried all the pictured stuff eight miles to the lake....on our bicycles. The highlight of Craig's day was probably when Mr Know It All, who insisted he knew exactly what he was doing, ( But Fred that sail sure looks wierd to me) hauled the jib all the way to the top of the forestay upside down.

Fireball #1300 the 11th Fireball in the US receiving a deck replacement in 1974

The Whip Sailboat Trophy

....and why it is NOT on my shelf

In 1976 Rich La Fountain and I had just done really well in a Whip regatta. We probably called it the Championship of the Universe since there really was no Whip fleet. The Whip was a hull with a bow like a Thistle and a hull underbody like a short Flying Dutchman. The thing had 235 square feet of sail and Rich weighed in somewhere around 235. He stood on the trapeze and we were totally dominant whenever the wind blew.

At first, before the beer ran out, we were both pretty happy to have won...as a team.

Then Rich tried to make off with our prize.

I was having none of that.

But Rich still  had that extra 60 lbs...and the trophy

Sally held up the universal "Devil Horns behind the head" in a photo and under the Universal Rules of All Things, she took over control of the entire situation...

Rich had to forfeit the trophy to Sally, who really didn't want it anyway because it would be one more damn fool trophy to dust so she gave it back to Rich.

Catching a ride back to school in 1974

1977 Lake Glendale Sailing Club Season Champions

The 1977 Sidewinder Nationals at Erie, Pennsylvania

We finished 1-2-1-2 and led the regatta at the start of the last race. I was convinced we were over early on the last start and returned. We were not over. Oh well.  We caught back up to sixth. I had written the sailing instructions for the event and had modified the scoring rules such that the first tiebreaker was "who beat who the most times." The Garbers from Cadillac Michigan won the last race and the finishes of 4-1-4-1-2 were those of the winners.

1977 Sidewinder National Champions Carol and Mary Park

They won the event for many times and each year they traded who held the tiller. I think Carol ( shorter hair) steered that year. Carol and Mary were also rock star Collegiate sailors at Penn State and they won the first Annual Sailing World Women's regatta sometime in the seventies.


The First Annual Susquehanna Downriver Regatta

Now this one was so silly it just had to be remembered. The organizers were worried the wind would not be strong enough to get home if the race went both ways. They were right. This is a picture of the start of the Sidewinder fleet. There were about thirty boats but the group shown was the only group with the nerve to get close to the starting line, which was the end of the anchored strip of dock. My parents, Walter and Pat Schroth were sailing 1999 and Sally and I were on 2000. The "wind" was blowing with the current but sometimes not quite as fast. The apparent wind varied from behind us to in front of us. We ended up winning because in the lulls we doused the chute and centered the main. With less wind resistance, we drifted down stream faster than anyone else. There was no second annual event.

Assuming body language speaks clearly, note the difference in attitude between the old man and the kid.


Some shots from Union City PA taken in the 1970s

Notice how the ice hangs down about eight feet from the roof. The brick building in the background is the160 year old Presbyterian church . It burned down sometime before 1979

Looking west from in front of the house. These maples were planted around 1910.

This was taken early in the winter. By February the snow by our driveway often made it to 8 feet high.

Eric Faust and I picked up new boats in Louisiana in 1996.

and took them all over North America


The Christmas 1992 Lake Travis Flood

Link to a page of photos showing Lake Travis at various levels

This photo was taken when the lake was at 710 MSL (feet above mean sea level) Note the Yard arm on the right and the cottonwood tree

This snapshot was taken in the summer of 1984. The lake is about at 640 MSL or 70 feet below the top 1992 flood level. It was taken from about 180 degrees opposite the flood shot. Note the yard arm and cottonwood tree.

I have been collecting pictures of the AYC clubhouse at various levels since 1979.

 Eric Faust 129558 finishing 2nd in a race at the Bruce Cup.

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