Born February 9 1992   Died July 14,2006 (101 doggie years)

April 1992

Skipper's litter.

Skippers dad

Summer 1992 with Pat Schroth

Fall 1993... also my last photo of Pat Schroth

18 month old Skipper plays with the 15 year old Wabash

Close up of paw surgery bandage visible in Wabash shot. The original dew claw surgery was not really done right and we had it done again when he arrived in Austin

Alternative to standing on that paw.

A rare moment when Skipper had the ball. 15 year old Wabash generally took balls, bones and food uncontested by Skipper the great pacifist

Henry S. Kleespies III  Skipper's boat shop playmate 1996 to 2001

Neither a lapdog nor....

fearless during thunderstorms. Just why this table and chair were considered safe haven?? We will never know.

Yes, Photoshop was used here and Skipper really needed a bath.  This is Jim Merritt's prototype of the 100 passenger shelters he eventually built for Capital Metro

It snowed a few inches and I made this snowman at 3 AM. Originally it was about six feet tall.

All the snow melted by morning and people driving on Beacon Drive had a sight.

 I took this shot when the snowman was about 40 hours old. He just sat there sniffing.

He liked to sit and pose in the wildflowers. This one is from the Spring of 2000.

He just had a bath for this one taken right around his 12th birthday


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