Some boats make pretty pictures



This is a 1974 Deckboat. We re-gelcoated it stem to stern and top to bottom in 2006. It also received new upholstery, and engine upgrade, a nifty bimini from Bartlett Sails, a cover from Bartlett Sails, and Kenny the Welder added some launching and hauling guides to the trailer after this shot was taken

Phooey.  I forgot to take a photo of this Sonar before we started.  Trust me it was red, black, green and very ugly!!

We rescued Austin Yacht Club's Rescue One from the junk pile in 1982

It served well for a couple years and AYC bought Metal boats...finally!!

Sorry!  No Before photo here either. We really liked the way this one came out.  It was ugly and brown before we started.

This boat was painted in the eighties. The area around the name was sprayed with a plastic masking material. Our sign painter friend cut out the name freehand with an Exacto knife.

Here is the stencil, ready to paint.

Here we have sprayed red urethane paint over the stencil

The stencil material is partly peeled away. Notice how the black part is dull. It is sanded and ready for a clear coat.

The entire boat is sprayed with a clear coat.

Last time we saw the boat was 2005 at the Oklahoma City Boat Club. The paintjob was well scratched but still looked better than I thought it would look in a year. I object to the entire concept of black boats!!


This boat has since been painted white and now looks like an empty bleach bottle with runs and drips in the paint

We first worked on this boat for a nice fellow who bought it from an insurance company. It had been found in a swamp after being stolen years earlier.

We painted it with a nice black stripe.

Our pretty point job was not meant to be. While stored at the Highland Lakes Marina, just six slips from the snack bar, said snack bar burned along with the first five boats. This boat survived with melted windows and charred sides. The charred white gelcoat is obvious. Look closely and use your imagination and you can see the drips of plastic at the tops of the window. The lumpy look on the shrouds is actually melted 1 inch white tubes. The side really is black. That is not a shadow.

Sally bought the boat and Jim Merritt and I fixed it up again.

This is how the boat looked when we sold it to Bob who sailed it in virtually every race for at least a dozen years before selling it to the fireman who got hit and 20 years later the boat is a project again for the guys at the sail loft.


The folks with the late night infomercials have nothing on us. Our before shots are faded and from horrible angles too!!


This Kiwi  was painted in the early 1980s

We sanded away the name and squirted a layer of clear. The bottom job is red Micron 22


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