Travis At Sunrise

The shots we didn't use on the Laser Sailor cover




From the point and looking toward the main sailing basin.  The sun is behind the hill to the left of the frame.

Standing on Keelboat dock one. The near black line is the rigging dock and the far line is the point with a J-80 on a trailer. Sun is behind the tallest hill on the left.


Looking from the point over the small Laser and Sunfish docks.  The lines on the right are land.

Turning slightly to the East.



This was actually the first shot of this series.  The original plan was to rig a boat on the dock and do a nifty backlit shot at sunrise.  I learned that the sun really rises rapidly from this to the shot on the right.  It will take a little better planning to get the shot. Mostly, the hills behind the lake are too high during the change from pretty to bright and the lake itself never lights up with the colors.



I don't know for sure if I scared these ducks or the incoming Laser did it.  You can see the boat on the cover of the Laser Sailor winter issue.

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