Some Historical Shop Photos

In 1992 we bought some land and began building our own facilities. We learn slowly but we had learned landlords suck.

The photo above is the beginning of our first hoist. It was taken while the concrete was still wet. In all the photos, you may notice the early lack of trees and how we have tried to help lots of trees grow since we began to manage the land.

We went to Austin Pipe Supply where Marvin ( who had been working there over 60 years) helped me load these parts of an old electrical transmission line tower.

It took about a week to drill holes and bolt all this together.

This truck cost $168 minimum.  The hoist was vertical in 10 minutes.

Our new "shop" was an 8' x 8' storage shed.

This Ranger Fun 23 was one of the last boats hung in the outdoor hoist before construction began on our new metal building. Our black lab Wabash was over 15 years old. Skipper had just had his second birthday.

Skipper Photos

Putting VC 17 on a  Ranger Fun 23 in 1993

Concrete forms and no driveway

Halfway through construction of new shop September 1994

Note the roll of insulation on the left. I stood on top of the old hoist to take this shot in September 1994

Pearson 26 with a fresh bottom in 1995

December 2011... Things changed in 17 years

Snow at the shop.

Shop in 2005

June 2006

December 2011..kinda dreary but the trees are much bigger

Outside our old Burleson Road shop in 1988 with Bryan Tatum, Fred, and lots of J-24s


More historical photos will be up when I get around to it.

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