Paintjob or Restoration?

a guide to pricing your plans

one night's thoughts on the subject meant  to serve as a guide


Paintjob, Bottom Job, Repair

$$$ Restoration $$$

       Clean bottom with pressure washer, lightly sand, apply fresh coating  

     Remove all the old paint, repair blisters, apply barrier coat, replace through hulls, install new electronics,

            Fill a nasty chunk knocked out of the keel     

   Fix a cracked sump from a violent grounding

       Fill five or six blisters    

     grind out and fill hundreds of blisters

            lightly sand a very pretty surface and Paint the sides to refresh or maybe even change the color.  

   Remove the rubrail, fix a few fractures, remove all the gelcoat, Prime the sides, install an new rubrail, put on a new name, change the location and style of the stripes


     Paint the non skid on the deck

  Remove fittings, install new fittings, fill old holes from previously mounted fittings, remove and reinstall windows, replace the window "glass", put on new fittings, move hardware to new places, improve the function of the rigging, replace teak parts, replace hinges, replace deck screw in plates, replace most anything , Having a professional install fittings,  
       Paint the deck   Painting the deck is ALWAYS an expensive process best compared with restoring a car of the same age as your boat.  Painting is the SIMPLE PART!!! Painting a deck might cost $5000 or less if that were all that is imvolved. Painting a deck ALWAYS includes weeks of re-installing EVERY LITTLE THING!!!

How long do you suppose it takes to replace EVERY fitting and hatch and window??  Now add in the time it takes to clean the old parts before reinstalling those parts, and the person on the other end of the fastener holding nuts and washers while squeezed into some way to inconvenient and uncomfortable nook or cranny??

If you decide to replace the parts, how long does it really take to figure out which parts, find a supplier with the parts in stock, order the parts, and eventually install those parts. How much should we charge for knowing all the answers?

Hint: it took me a hell of a lot longer to learn the boat care business than it took my sister to get her medical degree or my brother to get his law degree. Isn't all that necessary training the justification for the prices professionals charge?


Fix a known leak

find the leaks and fix them  

replace a missing light bulb

 my lights don't work  

There is a hole smashed in the deck

     The deck is soft  

     A shroud broke and we need a new mast

     The shrouds wont tighten ( The deck is ndented in, the compression post is rotted, the bulkheads are sagging, the bathroom door wont close anymore, the keel is sagging down and has a smile at the front,  


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